Bitlocker alternative windows 10 home reddit free. How to Encrypt Files, Folders and Drives on Windows

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Bitlocker alternative windows 10 home reddit free

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VeraCrypt works on every version of Windows 10, not just Pro and Enterprise. VeraCrypt is Free, Open Source Software (FOSS), which we really. Remote Desktop · Bitlocker · Trusted Boot · Windows Sandbox · Hyper-V · Memory Limits and Business Features. Tips for what additional steps you can take if a Microsoft recovery request wasn’t granted. Help with BitLocker. Finding product keys for Windows and.


Bitlocker alternative windows 10 home reddit free


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Windows 11 must be stopped. Thread starter Cbdb2 Start date May 11, Cbdb2 Addicted to Fun and Learning. Jimbob54 Master Contributor Forum Donor. Joined Oct 25, Messages 8, Likes 10, Cbdb2 said:. Click to expand Deleted member Guest. Joined Nov 10, Messages Likes I agree with everything he said. I wish everyone were as at least educated to the extent he is on privacy, security, and ownership, since all of those have been largely getting worse for awhile now.

I wish linux ran my daw and plugins and had something other than Jack because I’d be over there. Joined Oct 6, Messages 17 Likes This is a lot of paranoid nonsense.

You do own your PC. You just agree to certain features if you buy one with Windows on it, just like any other product, and most of his insinuations just aren’t true. Pro tip: Also don’t watch Youtube videos with conspiratorial sounding titles. He acknowledges that buying a Windows computer and then switching to Linux is a non-issue for the vast majority of people.

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If you want to run Linux build your own computer. Secure boot can be disabled with the standard UEFI bios on basically every consumer motherboard, and even some pre-assembled ones. You just have to have it on for Windows So, not an issue at all.

The MemTest utility he mentioned works just fine on secure boot-enabled Windows 11 PC’s because it’s actually fairly easy to get your code signed by Microsoft You actually already have to do it to install anything without a scary security prompt in Windows This is actually way preferable to locking down the environment.

You’ll notice people get WAY less malware and viruses these days It’s just a feature dependent on hardware compatibility. You don’t have to use it.

He also acknowledges that you CAN recover an encrypted hard drive. No, Bill gates doesn’t hold any keys – the whole point of bitlocker is that nobody holds any keys to your data other than your own hardware and a recovery option via MS account secured by a password of your making and also with 2-factor authentication that you control.

Think of bitlocker as 2-factor authentication for your hard drive. Also you should always back up your data anyway. No, you don’t have to store it in the cloud if you’re super paranoid if you would prefer the fun of setting up a backup system yourself. You can get an external hard drive or a NAS appliance or build your own server or whatever you want.

Windows has great automatic external backup functions built-in. The trusted computing blather is nonsensical enough that it’s hard to counter. Of course free software has less features than paid software? Yes, Apple exerts an enormous amount of control over what kind of software can be released for iOS, but that’s Apple. Android just for the official store, but I guess he’s mad that they call non-store installations “side loading,” and again totally non-sequitur.

That’s not Windows 11, and Windows is still super open for developers, generally. There is no real corollary for releasing Windows software as you don’t have to do it through the Windows store. Of course there’s no guarantee that MS won’t one day release a version of Windows sold as a subscription and lock down all software installations of any kind so that they have to be downloaded from the MS store and create the ability to remove software or whatever other thing he’s worried about, but 1 MS doesn’t control a ton of things about PC hardware, just what is required to run Windows so it would be a lot tougher see difference between MacOS and iOS and 2 Widows 11 is none of those things.

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Last edited: May 12, Joined Dec 5, Messages 2, Likes 2, Joined Oct 11, Messages 2, Likes 4, Of course there’s no guarantee that MS won’t one day release a version of Windows sold as a subscription and lock down all software installations of any kind Katji Major Contributor. Everything on your hard drive is encrypted and Bill Gates holds the key? Joined Jan 27, Messages Likes JSmith Major Contributor. Douglas Blake said:. FBI announcement on Windows 7 end of life prompts worry from security experts Despite the FBI announcement, hospitals, schools, and government offices across the world still use Windows 7.

Chrispy Major Contributor Forum Donor. LOL good luck. Chrispy said:. How to Prevent Windows 10 from Spying with Only Firewall How to Prevent Windows 10 from Spying with Only Firewall with the aid of obstructing the outgoing data through telemetry which sneaks your activities.

Chromatischism Major Contributor Forum Donor. Joined Jun 5, Messages 3, Likes 2, People will whore themselves out for YouTube views these days. Chromatischism said:. JSmith said:. It’s been running error free for years, and as they say Best Linux distros for privacy and security in Fortify your Linux install with the best Linux distros for privacy and security. I’m not joking, trying to help I truly hope this is just one personal PC and not part of an organisation or business network.

An OS is not a car TK Active Member. And most importantly It runs today just as smoothly as it did the first day I installed it. TK said:. Continuing to run Windows 7 is like removing the front door of your house so nobody can break in through it. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Windows 11 – Full production release – Easy upgrade, no problems – and no thrills.

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