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Learn more. Using Windows Update. If you’re running an Ultimate or Enterprise edition of Windows, you can download available language packs by using Windows Updates. Language packs installed using Windows Update provide a fully translated version of Windows dialog boxes, menu items, and help content. All the languages available for this type of download have “Windows Update” listed in the right column of the table below.

Using the links on this page. You can install LIPs over any edition of Windows, but they provide a translated version of only the most widely used dialog boxes, menu items, and help content. The table below shows if the language you’re looking for requires a premium edition of Windows or a particular parent language.

Get it now. Sign in with Microsoft. You’re signed in. You have multiple accounts. Windows 11 Windows 10 Windows 8. Open Language settings Go to Preferred languages , select Add a language.

You can download and install any of the following languages in Windows Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, We recommend you move to a Windows 11 PC to continue to receive security updates from Microsoft.

Need more help? Join the discussion. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Thank you! Any more feedback? The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow. No jargon. Pictures helped. Microsoft has published the fourth Windows 10 security update of the year with a long list of bug fixes.

The security update patch is rolling out via Windows Update and WSUS, but for advanced users, Microsoft has also published direct download links for Windows 10 KB offline installers. KB is a security update and it will download automatically, but the installation depends on the active hours and Windows Update settings configured by you. For those on version 20H2, this update will advance the system to Windows 10 Build However, the patch revision number would be different and the system will advance to Windows 10 Build On version 20H2, Microsoft says users will see the following cumulative update when they check for updates:.

Copy the. For File Explorer, Microsoft is addressing a memory leak bug that could cause performance slowdowns. This fix was previously tested with Windows Insiders and those in the preview channel of the cumulative updates i.

In addition to performance issues, Microsoft has addressed a critical issue that could cause problems with the search bar in Explorer. According to our tests, the search filters feature would get stuck on some devices when users attempt to filter results. Windows 10 Build


Download windows 10 language pack 19042.Windows 10 Language Pack- All You Need to Know in

WebJul 15,  · Open and mount the ISO files on the VM. Go to the language pack ISO and copy the content from the LocalExperiencePacks and x64\langpacks folders, then paste . WebFeb 27,  · Windows 10 language pack download list Raw This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently . WebNov 22,  · As per the issue description you are trying to add language pack on your system and you could not do that. I would suggest you to refer the suggestion provided .


Windows 10 language pack download list · GitHub.Windows 10 KB5001330 (Build 19042.928) Full Changelog


This fix was previously tested with Windows Insiders and those in the preview channel of the cumulative updates i. In addition to performance issues, Microsoft has addressed a critical issue that could cause problems with the search bar in Explorer.

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According to our tests, the search filters feature would get stuck on some devices when users attempt to filter results. Windows 10 Build As you may be aware, the Chromium-based Edge browser is a significant upgrade over the original version.

Chromium Edge is successful and it has already surpassed Firefox in browser market share. With April patch, Microsoft Edge Legacy will finally stop working and users will be upgraded to the Chromium version. If you are ready for the April update, you can download it by checking for updates in the Settings app or by visiting Microsoft Update Catalog. Windows Latest. Windows Windows 11 22H2 feature lets you adjust volume with mouse wheel.

Windows 11 KB released with new features — how to download. The file share repository must be accessible from the Azure VM you plan to use to create the custom image. To create the content repository for language packages and FODs and a repository for the Inbox Apps packages:.

Go to the amd64fre folder on the Inbox Apps ISO and copy the content in the repository for the inbox apps that you’ve prepared. If you’re working with limited storage, only copy the files for the languages you know your users need.

You can tell the files apart by looking at the language codes in their file names. For example, the French file has the code “fr-FR” in its name. For a complete list of language codes for all available languages, see Available language packs for Windows.

Some languages require additional fonts included in satellite packages that follow different naming conventions. Set the permissions on the language content repository share so that you have read access from the VM you’ll use to build the custom image.

Make sure your VM has all the latest Windows Updates. Download the updates and restart the VM, if necessary.

After you install a language pack, you have to reinstall the latest cumulative update that is installed on your image. If you do not reinstall the latest cumulative update, you may encounter errors. If the latest cumulative update is already installed, Windows Update does not offer it again; you have to manually reinstall it.

For more information, see Languages overview. Connect to the language package, FOD, and Inbox Apps file share repository and mount it to a letter drive for example, drive E.

If you’d rather install languages through an automated process, you can set up a script in PowerShell. You can use the following script sample to install the Spanish Spain , French France , and Chinese PRC language packs and satellite packages for Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, version The script integrates the language interface pack and all necessary satellite packages into the image.

However, you can also modify this script to install other languages. Just make sure to run the script from an elevated PowerShell session, or else it won’t work. If the language files are there, you’re all set. After you’ve added additional languages to the Windows image, the inbox apps are also required to be updated to support the added languages. This can be done by refreshing the pre-installed apps with the content from the inbox apps ISO.

To perform this refresh in an environment where the VM doesn’t have internet access, you can use the following PowerShell script template to automate the process and update only installed versions of inbox apps.

The inbox apps included in the ISO aren’t the latest versions of the pre-installed Windows apps. To get the latest version of all apps, you need to update the apps using the Windows Store App and perform an manual search for updates after you’ve installed the additional languages.

After you’ve installed the language packs, you can install any other software you want to add to your customized image.


Install a language for Windows – Microsoft Support.Add language packs to a Windows 10 multi-session image


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Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Thanks for your feedback. This is crazy – you can’t get a language file for your OS unless you have a paid-for subscription?

Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. These ISOs are my only options. Get the following message: Am I using the wrong file? ANY help would be super-appreciated. Regards, K. I have the same question 0. Report abuse. Follow these steps to know how to install language packs:. Yes, it may be downloaded. To do so, you are required to press on Start on Windows computer and go to settings after which click on ‘Time and language’ and pick the choice ‘Language and religion’.

Once that bar is open, pick the favored vernacular from the add language alternative underneath the preferred language list and go-to options. Once you are there, you could see the download option to download the specified language pack. Now, shift to downloads and press on the language to put in it and then cross again and you’re completed.

Press on start and consequently visit the Run choice. A wizard will appear and all you have to do is observe it and then, in the end, determine the language you want to use a language.

All windows interface text for a location is what’s protected in windows vernacular. This is potentially a great alternative for multilingual regions wherein the majority use more than one language and can or might not be completely acquainted with one or the opposite.

This makes Windows extra available so that other humans can use them. Maximum windows have a minimum of one determined vernacular after which you can deploy others manually or in other specific methods as in line with your necessities.

You may virtually share a home windows computer in case you stay in a multilingual family or you share a workspace with a coworker who speaks another language and thus will require a different vernacular for his computer interface. For people to use windows in their local language, an LP will translate all files in the required vernacular.

Broken home windows update additives could very well be responsible for the trouble you are having. Please erase whatever is present within the SoftwareDistribution folder. This could be the best fix as inside the document Explorer are the files causing trouble. The folder called SoftwareDistribution is wherein the documents that are vital to put in the windows software are briefly stored. As soon as this issue is fixed, the LP setup should now not be any trouble.

In all probability, languages are supported throughout all. The language packs supplied through the device are decided by either the device maker or the mobile operator for cellular-related gadgets. In line with manufacturer and service aid, greater language packs are required to be downloaded from windows shop for your benefit. Windows 10 KB is a mandatory update for both version 20H2 and version , and it should become available for download in the coming hours.

With the December update, Microsoft has fixed a long list of security issues and non-security problems for both consumers and businesses. Windows 10 Build The tech giant has also fixed an issue where Windows 10 will fail to display the local account groups when you manually apply additional language packs. Last month, Microsoft fixed an issue that causes a blue screen for some users. Likewise, another bug has been fixed where Windows 10 experiences a memory leak due to some APIs.

With the update, Microsoft is also improving the dark mode for File Explorer.

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