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40 Best games for low end pc – 1gb ram, 2gb ram, 4gb ram games – – 5 best PC games below 1 GB

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MotoGP is a racing game. A Direct link provided here, you can easily … Read More. A direct link provided here for downloading … Read More. Medal of Honor airborne highly compressed game download for pc Medal of Honor airborne highly compressed game free download for PC in part wise for Windows only in 3.

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1gb ram pc games

Every racer, including the player, has a stamina bar, and running out of stamina causes a Wipeout. It can be considered as one of the best PC games under 1GB ram or with low-system requirements. The game falls under the genre of GTA-like games and, thus, has a vast open-world available for the players to explore. With the remastered edition is available on the store right now, it demands a high powered gaming setup.


13 Best PC Games under 1GB RAM () – Peakfetchers – 5 of the Best Games That Require Only 1 GB RAM


PC Games have been the cornerstone of the international gaming ecosystem for the longest time. The computer’s keyboard, mouse support and customizable hardware gave it the edge over its console peers. It is true that a console will give a solid uniform experience with every game, offering identical performance with every new or old release.

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The same is not the case with the PC, where it is essential to upgrade hardware according to the requirements of newer releases.

A large chunk of the community will look to play more classic games from the past that can run decently on dated hardware. Here we look at some of the best games that can still rival new releases in terms of enjoyment and replay value. While you won’t be able to run these games on Ultra at x resolution, you should be able to get a good frame rate on low to medium settings on a 1 GB RAM setup. Activision’s goal with Prototype was to deliver to the players the experience of being a superpowered hero or villain, depending on the way they choose to play it.

Prototype was a great success in that terms, despite not having the choice systems made popular by console exclusives such as inFamous. Prototype is a solid action game with a riveting story and an endlessly satisfying gameplay loop, letting players live out their fantasy of being an all-powerful superhero or supervillain.

One of gaming community’s favourite videogame franchises, Borderlands, is one of the best games of that decade. Featuring a fresh, new art style at the time; the cell-shaded first person shooter was an instant hit amongst the PC gaming community. The franchise has since then spawned multiple installments on both PC and Consoles and is one of the most critically acclaimed titles ever. A 1GB RAM setup may not be optimal in terms of a good framerate such as 50 or 60 fps, but it will be sufficient for a fps range.

However, keep in mind that video memory also plays a key role in determining the performance of your setup. Still considered a fan favourite of not just the Modern Warfare franchise but of the Call of Duty franchise as a whole, Modern Warfare 2 is a solid first-person shooter that holds up well to this day.

With the remastered edition is available on the store right now, it demands a high powered gaming setup. Right now it might be a good time to pick up the original game for cheaper prices to play on modest gaming setups. The game’s single player campaign is fun from start to end, seeing franchise heroes return such as Soap, Captain Price and the introduction of fan favourite-Ghost, the game is worth paying the price of admission just for the campaign itself.

A 1GB setup will be enough to play at a decent enough frame rate without causing much issues for the campaign. However, it is not advisable to play Multiplayer with a 1GB setup as it will cause the game to lag a lot. The Burnout series fared well by focusing on an arcade style of racing than its counterparts such as Forza and Gran Turismo, that focused on a simulation style of racing. Burnout excelled in its crazy, over-the-top racing mayhem and became a fan favourite. Burnout: Paradise is the most beloved entry of the franchise and fans to this day will profess their love for the game by claiming it to be the most fun racing game of all time.

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That claim is undeniable as Burnout: Paradise is a great time from the moment you hit the streets in the game. A 1GB RAM setup might just do the trick if you want to have a decent level of output on dated hardware. Nobody expected much from relatively new developers Rocksteady, when they announced that they’re working on a Batman title that will be published by WB Games. However, soon upon its release, players realised that they had a masterpiece on their hands.

Batman: Arkham Asylum came out of nowhere to destroy sales records and gain high praise from critics and fans alike. It was one of the rare cases of a licensed videogame being nominated for Game of the Year Awards. Batman: Arkham Asylum is hands down one of the best games of all-time and a must-have for Batman fans and gamers alike.

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