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Table Of Contents. ENG This user manual includes detailed usage instructions. Please read this manual thoroughly. Table of Contents. Previous Page. Next Page. Samsung NX User Manual pages. Page 5 Do not use the camera if the screen is damaged. If the glass or acrylic parts are broken, visit a Samsung service center to This may cause a fire or electric shock.

Page 6 To prevent unwanted to samsung nx300 manual download any interference problems you experience. To prevent unwanted camera. For example, [Shutter] represents the shutter button. Page 9 Contents Display icons Page 13 Contents Chapter 7 Before contacting a service center Page Concepts In Photography Concepts in Photography Standing photography Shooting postures Compose your shot; stand up straight with your feet shoulder-length A correct posture for stabilizing the camera is necessary for taking a good apart, and keep your elbows pointed down.

Page Crouching Photography Concepts in Photography Crouching photography Using the display Compose your shot, crouch with one knee touching the ground, and keep To take photos at high or low angles, tilt the display up or down. You can a straight posture. Page Low-Angle Shot Concepts in Photography Low-angle shot High-angle shot A low-angle samsung nx300 manual download is a shot from a camera positioned below your eyeline, A high-angle shot is a shot from a samsung nx300 manual download positioned above your eyeline, looking up the subject.

These blades move together and control the amount of light passing through the center of the aperture. The You can blur or sharpen the background of a photo by controlling the number of blades also affects the shape of light when shooting night scenes. Page Shutter Speed Concepts in Photography Shutter speed Therefore, the faster the shutter speed, the less light will be let in. Likewise, the slower the shutter speed, the more light will be let samsung nx300 manual download.

Shutter speed refers to the amount of time it takes to open and close the As the photos below illustrate, a slow shutter speed allows more time shutter, and it is an important factor in the brightness of узнать больше здесь photo, as it to let light in, so the photo becomes brighter. When using a low The exposure of an image is determined by the sensitivity of the camera.

ISO sensitivity, open the aperture more or reduce the shutter speed to This sensitivity is based on international film standards, known as ISO allow more light to enter the camera. Page Correlation Between Focal Length, Angle, And Perspective Concepts in Photography Correlation between focal length, angle, Long focal length and perspective Focal length, which is measured in millimeters, is the distance between telephoto lens the middle of the lens to its focal point.

It affects the angle and perspective of captured images. Portraits or still-life photos mostly acclaimed by people are the ones on DOF depends on aperture value which the background /493.txt out of focus so the subject looks pronounced. Depending on the focused areas, a photo can be blurred or sharpened.

A telescope lens with a longer focal length than a telescope lens with a short focal подробнее на этой странице is The shorter the distance between the subject and the camera is, the lower better to capture a photo of a low DOF. Page Optical Preview Concepts in Photography Optical preview Composition You samsung nx300 manual download press the Custom button to view the optical preview before It is fun to capture a photo of the beauty of world with a camera.

No capturing a photo. The camera adjusts the aperture to the predefined matter how the world is beautiful, however, a poor composition cannot settings and shows the results on the screen. Page Photos With Two Subjects Concepts in Photography Using the rule of thirds will create photos with stable and compelling Photos with two subjects compositions. Below are a few examples. If your subject is in one corner of the photo, it creates an unbalanced composition.

You can stabilize samsung nx300 manual download photo by capturing a second subject in the opposite corner to balance the weight of узнать больше здесь photo. Page Bounce Photography Concepts in Photography Bounce Photography Bounce photography refers to the method of samsung nx300 manual download light off of the ceiling or walls so that the light spreads evenly over the subject.

Normally, photos captured with flash may appear unnatural and cast shadows. Источник in photos captured with bounce photography cast no shadows and look smooth due to evenly spread light.

Page Getting Started The illustrations may differ from your actual items. Samsung is not responsible for any problems caused by using unauthorized accessories. For information about accessories, refer to page Press and hold the button, and then scroll Press and hold the button, and then scroll Press and hold the button, and then scroll the jog dial to adjust the exposure value.

Use a shutter release samsung nx300 manual download with a tripod to minimize camera movement. Memory card Memory card Insert the battery with the Samsung logo Insert the battery with the Samsung logo Insert the battery with the Samsung logo Using the memory card adapter facing up. Set the Power switch to ON.

The language is preset for the country or region where the DST. You can to select an option. Press [m] or touch on the screen, and then change shooting options or settings. Selecting the photo size in P mode E. Selecting the photo size in E. Shooting options About the level gauge Icon Description The level gauge samsung nx300 manual download you align the camera with Video samsung nx300 manual download the horizontal and vertical lines on the display.

If the level gauge is not level, calibrate the level AF mode p. Page Lenses Lens Lens layout i-Function button p. You cannot capture a photo when the lens is locked. Description i-Function button p. Page Lens Markings 3. Page Accessories For more information about optional accessories, refer to the manual for each accessory. Samsung is not responsible samsung nx300 manual download pixelmator logo erstellen free caused by using another manufacturer’s accessories.

Description Bulb Remove the hot-shoe cover from the camera. Mount the flash by sliding it into the hot-shoe. Lift up the flash for use. Use only Samsung-approved flashes. Using incompatible flashes may damage your camera. Description Samsung nx300 manual download Description Mount the GPS module by sliding it into the hot-shoe. Press the power button of the GPS module.

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Additional modes allow for greater customization of settings. In Smart Auto mode, the camera recognizes surrounding conditions and automatically adjusts factors that contribute to exposure, including and automatically adjusts factors that contribute to exposure, including and /10239.txt adjusts factors that contribute to exposure, including Icon Description Portraits at night Align your subject in the frame.

Landscapes with backlighting Portraits with backlighting Portraits with backlighting Portraits with backlighting Half-press [Shutter] to focus.

Portraits Portraits /11186.txt The camera selects a scene. However, if value while the camera maintains the same exposure.

When samsung nx300 manual download scroll the an optimal exposure value cannot be achieved because the ISO sensitivity jog dial to the left, the shutter speed decreases and the aperture value reached the maximum ISO value that is set by Auto ISO Range, shutter In Aperture Priority mode, the camera automatically calculates shutter Scroll the jog dial to adjust the aperture value.

You can also adjust the aperture value by pressing [f], moving to You samsung nx300 manual download also adjust the aperture value by pressing [ You can also adjust the aperture value by pressing samsung nx300 manual download In Shutter Priority mode, the camera automatically adjusts the aperture Scroll the jog dial to adjust the shutter speed.

This mode is useful for You can also adjust the shutter speed by pressing [f], moving to You can also adjust the shutter speed by pressing [ You can also adjust the shutter speed by pressing [ With this manually.

While you are pressing [Shutter], the samsung nx300 manual download is left open so you can create moving light Using E effects. You can also scroll the jog dial to adjust the value.

The Z allows you to zoom in on a subject with less degradation of photo quality than the Digital zoom. However, the photo resolution may Z is not available when you capture burst shots.

In Smart mode, you can capture photos with options samsung nx300 manual download are preset for a Action Freeze Capture subjects moving at high speed. Rich Tones Capture a photo with vibrant адрес страницы. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to replace the rest faces of the photo.

Capture samsung nx300 manual download 2D or 3D panoramic photo. Recording a video This feature may not work in some modes. Page 3D Mode PC, you can lose files on the card or cause a change in the capacity of the card. OIS Anti-Shake p.

You can 2020 lt download link more customized photos and videos by samsung nx300 manual download the shooting functions.

As you increase the resolution, your photo or video will include more pixels, so it can be printed on larger paper or displayed on a larger screen. Examples The larger the ISO value, the more sensitive the camera is to light. Consequently, by selecting a higher ISO sensitivity value, you can capture photos in dim or dark places at faster shutter speeds.

Fluorescent White: Select when shooting under a daylight fluorescent lamp. Samsung nx300 manual download for white fluorescent жмите with a color The color of a photo depends on the type and quality of the light source. Color temperature is a measurement in degrees Kelvin that indicates the specific что adobe indesign cc classroom in a book 2015 pdf free плох of light source.

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You can download the application from Samsung Apps, the MobileLink feature is supported by Galaxy series smart phones or Galaxy Tab models with the Android 2. You can download the Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. Before installing the program, ensure that the PC is connected to a network.

If no internet connection is available, you Files cannot be sent again even if you reconnect your camera to another PC. This feature may not be supported on some devices. Please format memory cards in the camera before using them to capture photos. Device Information View the firmware version of the body and the lens, Mac address , and network certification number, or update the firmware.

Description 6 Pause 7 Move to the previous file. For information about installing the PC Auto Backup program, refer to page See “Cautions when using memory cards ” for more details. To play video files captured with your camera , use the Multimedia Viewer program that you can install with the Corporate Office Locate the Samsung corporate office headquarters phone number, address and more at CorporateOfficeOwl.

Contact Information Complete Samsung customer service contact information including steps to reach representatives, hours of operation, customer support links and more from ContactHelp. Set the movie size. You can fade in or fade out a scene using the fader function on the camera without having to do it on a PC. Set the mic level for the shooting conditions.

Turn the voice off to record a muted video. Refer to chapter 6 for editing files on a PC. In order to search for photos and videos you want, convert to the thumbnail view. The thumbnail view displays multiple images at a time If you perform no operations for a while, information and icons on the screen disappear. Deleting a folder will delete all photos in the a category. Protect your files from accidental deletion. Delete files in Playback mode and secure more space on your memory card.

Protected files are not deleted. In Playback mode, press [m]. When the pop-up message appears, select Yes. You can You can view photos in a slide show, apply various effects to the slide also use the Trim function to extract the portion of the image displayed on show, and play background music.

View the slide show. In Playback mode, scroll to a video, and then touch Press [o] or touch to start playing the video. Capturing an image during playback While viewing a video, press [o] or touch at the point where Press [f] or touch Trim to trim a video. Edited photos are saved as new files under different file names. Resize : Touch OK. Apply special effects to your photos. Ink Sketch Apply an ink sketching effect. Acryl Apply an acryl painting effect. Touch , and then touch an option.

Negative Apply a negative film effect. You can also configure network settings. This does not indicate a malfunction. Learn how to enter text. The icons in the table let you move the cursor, Stop entering text and return to the previous page. You can download the application from Samsung smart phone to view and share files stored on the camera.

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On the camera, allow the smart phone to connect to your camera. Rotate the mode dial to B. Page Sending Photos Or Videos Via Email Wireless network Sending photos or videos via email You can change settings in the email menu and send photos or videos Select the Name box, enter your name, and then touch.

Sender Setting Name Changing email settings Email Enter the password again. Select When the pop-up appears, select OK. You can send photos or videos stored on the camera via email.

For information about entering text, refer to “Entering text”. Available websites Enter your ID and password to log in. The maximum photo Access the website with your camera. Direct function, you can send photos to the device. You can adjust the settings to better suit your needs and preferences. Page User Settings Camera settings menu User settings You can set the user environment with these settings.

You can adjust the focus manually by rotating the focus ring after achieving the focus by half-pressing [Shutter]. This feature may not be Option Description available with some lenses.

Digital imaging devices such as digital cameras, monitors, and printers have their own methods for representing colors, which are called color spaces. You can add or remove shooting information from the display. This feature may not be available with some lenses. London Touch Operation Set to enable touch operation in Shooting mode.

LINK button. Page Setting Camera settings menu Setting Learn to configure your camera’s settings. The camera shuts off if you do not Set the video signal output appropriate for your country use it for the time you set.

Set the method of numbering files and folders. GPS signals. Page Transferring Files To Your Computer Connecting to external devices Transferring files to your computer Transfer files on a memory card to your computer by connecting the Turn on the camera. Mac OS Ensure that no data is being transferred between the camera and the computer.

Open the removable disk. Transfer photos or videos to the Mac OS computer. You can also send Using i-Launcher the files to a PC wirelessly. From the Samsung i-Launcher screen, click Multimedia Viewer. For information about installing the PC Auto Backup program, refer to page Description File name Adjust the volume.

Page Appendix Chapter Appendix Get information about error messages, camera maintenance, trouble shooting tips, specifications, and optional accessories. Page Error Messages Appendix Error messages When the following error messages appear, try these remedies.

Transfer number are max the files on the memory card to your computer and The lens is locked. Page Maintaining The Camera Appendix Maintaining the camera Cleaning the camera Image sensor Depending on different shooting conditions, dust may appear in photos because the image sensor is exposed to the external environment.

This Camera lens and display problem is normal, and the exposure to dust occurs in everyday use of the camera. Any damage that results from unqualified Samsung service center to have it repaired. These capacities are based on a 2 GB SD card. Page About The Battery Do not rest the device on flammable surfaces, such as bedding, carpets, or electric blankets for a prolonged period.

When the device is switched on, do not leave it in any confined space for a prolonged period. Extreme temperatures can reduce the Photos Approx. Page Before Contacting A Service Center Appendix Before contacting a service center If you are having trouble with your device, try these troubleshooting Situation Suggested remedies solutions before contacting a service professional.

Delete unnecessary files or insert a new card. Page Insert Start screen, and then select All apps appears when you a fully charged battery and wait at least 72 Samsung i-Launcher. ENG This user manual includes detailed usage instructions for your camera. Please read this manual thoroughly. Shooting FunctionsShooting FunctionsShooting FunctionsThis function automatically corrects the loss of bright detail that can occur due to shadi. Shooting FunctionsShooting FunctionsShooting FunctionsThe camera automatically sets the exposure by measuring the levels of light from the photo.

Shooting FunctionsShooting FunctionsShooting FunctionsWhen you cannot achieve an appropriate exposure because of a strong color contrast, lock t. Movie sizeSet the movie size. To set. If you perform no operations for a while, informatio. You can also use the Trim function to extract the porti.

Stop CaptureVideo vie. Photos captured in some modes cannot be edited with the Image Edit fu. Smart Filte. The icons in the table let you move. You can easily send photos or videos to your. Use the smart phone as a remote shutter. Available websites will be displayed on your camera. Chapter 5Camera settings menuLearn about the user settings and general settings menu.

You can adjust the settings to better suit your needs and prefe. Option DescriptionAE Bra. Digital imaging devi. Using the displ. This feature may not be ava. About histogramA histogram is a graph t. High-angle shotA. Installing prog. From the Samsung i. Description1 File name2 Adjust the volume. Error messages Suggested remediesLens is lockedThe lens is locked.

Rotate the. If any dust remains, appl. These ca. If dirty, wipe the memory. It is clos. Prevent batteries fro. Ad-Hoc networkAn ad-hoc net. Usually, abiding by the rule of thirds leads to a g. Focal lengthThe distance from the middle of.

MF Manual Focu. This sensitivity is based on internat. Please refer to the warranty that came with your product or visit our website www. A telescope lens with a longer focal lengt. The camera adjusts the a.


Samsung NX Manual download pdf

Donload imaging devi. Samsung is not responsible for any problems caused by using unauthorized accessories. In Playback mode, press [m]. When you press While you are pressing [Shutter] halfway, the camera continues to [Shutter] halfway, the focus fixes in the focus area. Mac OS You can select samsung nx300 manual download foc. For information посетить страницу entering text, refer to “Entering text”.

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